No, that’s not me.  It is Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher who wrote: “The only constant is change.”  Taking this statement to heart, I’ve been about change from the start of my career in education.  But not change for its own sake, but to create schools that are better places for those whom we serve.

As a teacher of middle school students, and then college students, I constantly sought new ways of instruction to improve student learning.  As a principal and central office administrator, I  worked to improve the culture of districts and schools.  Knowing that change is not easy, I immersed myself in the literature of change; not limiting my study to the field of education, but to all fields.

Now that I am no long directly working in an educational setting, I can look back on my career with the satisfaction of the significant changes made by working with so many helpful professionals and parents.  In writing this blog I hope to stimulate thinking that will help you in creating more positive change for your students and staff.

Some of my comments at times may be controversial, but that is a way to  create a vibrant discussion with my readers.  My hope is that we learn from each other.  Please share this blog with colleagues and your thoughts and questions in the space provided.


Steve Levine


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